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Saturday, October 06, 2007

GUTS Sales Training Exam

Your Sales Profitability Assessment

Complete this survey to get an understanding of your sales Effectiveness and Profitability with The GUTS Sales Training System.

1. Give a presentation, brochures and powerpoint slide show to your prospect as soon as

Answer: False. It’s an Unbelievable Waste of Time. Ask some tough upfront questions
   with finesse first. If they don’t have the need, money or character/authority to
give a commitment, you are just spinning your wheels.

2. It’s all right for a prospect to think it over before committing?

Answer: False. Not in the G.U.T.S.™ world of selling. Think it over means you have lost control and probably never had it in the first place. It’s the prospect’s way of really saying ‘no’ to you, but trying to be polite. I often tell a prospect upfront, that they are not allowed to worry about my feelings. I ask them to just be honest enough to say ‘no’ if my product or service is wrong for them. In alternative cases, I will tell the prospect that it’s Over. Note: See my videos, specifically, “It’s OK to fire the prospect”.

3. Always ask for the order?

Answer: False. Never ask for the order unless you are a beggar. The professional controls the sales process and allows the Prospect to give him the order. Is it any wonder that most salespeople are annoying or that they have a large number of prospects who renege on the order the next day, aka: buyer’s remorse?

4. Cold Calls are necessary for successful selling?

Answer: False. Never make cold calls unless you are a masochist. All calls to strangers should be approached as a return call. Successful selling is a combination of being a Thespian and Therapist. Always act like you are getting back to the prospect.
Salesman: Hello Mr. Prospect, I have your number here. Why are we talking?
Prospect: I don’t know, you’re the one who called me.
Salesman: This isn’t about real estate is it?
Prospect: Well, I do have a house for sale.
Salesman: OK, now I understand. How can I help you?

5. Stalls and Objections are opportunities to get commitments.

Answer: True. When a prospect brings up a problem to the average salesman, they become defensive and go right back into their presentation schtick. The Pro, however, uses this opportunity to make a sale.

Prospect: We only buy hybrid widgets in lots of 100 and yours are 150.
Salesman: What would happen if we could make them in 100 unit lots?
Prospect: We would consider it.
Salesman: What do you mean by consider? What would I have to do to earn you business today?
Prospect: Well, I can give you an order for the next quarter if you can deliver them in the smaller amount of 100.
Salesman: Suppose you took the 150 lot, but I was able to save you 20% because of the larger quantity. What would you say?
Prospect: If you can save me 20%, then you have a deal.
Salesman: What? I couldn’t hear you.
Prospect: (Yelling) I said you can have the order now!

6. Work hard always.

Answer: False. While working hard is commendable, working smart puts money in your pocket. Working hard with unqualified time wasting prospects is foolish. I would rather spend more quality time with a prospect who has a Need with the ability to pay for it and the character and authority to give me a commitment leading to an order.

7. Sales is about being a Missionary and spreading the word about your product or service.

Answer: False. Sales is about making money by selling products and services that give unbelievable value to your prospects.

8. Sell yourself before you sell the product or service.

Answer: False. This is the old fashioned way of selling. Prospects are not buying your tired rapport and bonding fishing stories; they are really buying solutions for their needs, greeds and fears. Pretentious type, “I want to be your friend” selling, is an insult to both parties. “If you want a friend then get a dog.” Harry Truman
“If you want a life without worrying about money, then get to the bottom line fast with finesse”.    Max

9. Prospects buy when they become informed.

Answer: False. Prospects buy first, because of an emotional motivation or catalyst. They only justify their purchase with academic information later on.

10. Sales is the Highest paid profession in the world?

Answer: TRUE ! The highest paid people in business may have titles like entrepreneur or CEO, but in reality they are just great salespeople. The problem with 99% of salesmen is that they are not professional and have not learned the skills of the art and science of human persuasion and behavior. Sales is about having a Method that allows you to control the process and the ability to feel great about yourself while making unlimited income.