Friday, January 21, 2011

Lease Purchase Speaking gig in San Francisco

On February 17th, 2011 The Bay Area Wealth Builders Association welcomes back option investor and author Claude "The Mentor" Diamond with his new 2011 Lease Purchase Success System for California Creative Real Estate.

Claude believes in the following, which he learned from his Mentor Max:

"Why own when you can Control?"
"No more Tenants and Terlits!"
"You make your money, up-front, in every deal."
"Life is too short to drink cheap wine and drive a used Yugo."
"Sales, Marketing and Negotiation are the Million Dollar Skills."

Claude is a fellow California Investor, who for 26 years, has created a wonderful lifestyle working out of his homes thanks to creative real estate. He spends his time in San Diego, California, Winter Park, Colorado, NYC, NY (ya know) and Maui, Hawaii.

Claude will discuss Lease Purchase and wealth building Strategies including:
*How to profit up-front, every month and at the end of every deal with Lease Purchasing*
*How to create first class notes and generate passive income with options*
*How to consult in Creative Real Estate and generate consistent monthly cash flow*
*How to use his unique Arbitrage Strategy -"Get a contract and get out."*
*Sandwich Leasing-Assignments-Hybrids-Wholesaling and so much more*
*The G.U.T.S.™ Sales-Marketing Success System-Never make a cold call again and qualify the prospect in 3 minutes!*.
*The State of The State of California: When are we going to get our Sh*t Together?*

Claude is a person committed to improving the quality of peoples’ lives through the ancient art of One-on-One Mentoring, just as his mentor did for him.

His motto has always been "Success, One Person at a Time".

Claude Diamond is the author of the following books:
Lease Purchasing for the 21st Century©
The Lease Purchase Bible©
The Mentor Teaches Success©
The Mentor Teaches The G.U.T.S.™ Success System©
Consulting, Coaching and Mentoring in Creative Real Estate©
The Mentor and the Success Gauntlet© (coming in 2011)

He is also the publisher of The Lease Purchase Times© newsletter.
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Claude and his wife Claudia are the founders of the innovative Diamond Consulting Group. He specializes in One-On-One Mentoring and Success Training with his innovative G.U.T.S.™ Success Method.

Claude holds a degree in business and a Juris Doctorate in Law. He addresses investment clubs and corporations around the United States. He speaks at national seminars and conventions on the subjects of Lease Purchasing/Creative Real Estate, The New G.U.T.S.™ Sales System, Personal and Business Achievement and Wealth Creation. He is the creator and producer of several contemporary CD and DVD sets dealing with success. His most recent success novel "The Mentor, A Story of Success" is a best seller on and

Here's your opportunity to learn personally from the undisputed master of this Science of Wealth Creation, Personal Achievement and Peak Performance. Find out why so many people from all over the world have benefited from his unique One-On-One Mentoring Approach to Success.