Monday, August 27, 2012

The Salesman Bill of Rights

Dear  Sales Professional, 

Sales is a skill that is necessary for everyone who wants to attract success in their life. You can have  the best product, the most capable service, but without a sales system and the GUTS to make it  work, you won't be able to give away 20 dollar bills in Times Square. It really doesn't matter whether  you are selling the all inspiring widget or a hamster sitting service you have to have a system of  sales where you work smart, achieve your financial goals and begin feeling great about yourself all the time.

Here are a few selling rules with the New "GUTS SALES METHOD”©.

1. The Salesman Freedom Act. You have rights in the Sales Process! 

A. You have the right to ask the prospect your GUTS qualifying questions. 
B. You have the right to stop giving away free information without getting anything in return. 
C. You have the right to be in control of the sales process. 
D. You have the right to have high self esteem and feel good about yourself all the time.
E. You have the right to reject the prospect and end the sales process if the prospect does not qualify.
F. You have the right  to expect to be treated with the respect as that of any other professional.
G. You have the right to work smart and efficiently with people who need your services.
H. You have the right to make as much money as you are willing to put into your work.
I. You have the right to enjoy your work, have fun and be treated with respect while you go to the bank.

2.  Stop giving presentations and learn how to ask the tough GUTS Questions.

No more free Lunches! Never give a presentation until you have qualified and closed the prospect up front. 

You need to  ask the tough GUTS questions that the  amateurs are afraid to ask.  Life is too short to waste your most valuable resources, Time, Knowledge and Energy.

Examples of upfront Guts questions:

A. Mr. Prospect why am I here?  What do you want or expect from me today?
B. What can I expect from you today?
C. What would you like to see my (company, product or service) do  for you? 
D. What are the problems  you are experiencing? 
E. If we can solve your needs/problems, what happens next?
F. Would you do me a favor and tell me “NO” up front if it appears that we will not do any business today?
G. What do I need to do to get your business commitment today? 
H. Are you the decision maker for my product/service or is someone else involved?
I. Do you have  monies/budget set aside to purchase my product/service if it meets with your needs? 
J. What is the way commitments are made by your company to buy my product/services? 
K. I get the feeling that we are not going to do any business today, have we finished? 
L. Mr. Prospect, if you were me what would you do? 

3. Learn how to qualify in the first 3 minutes

Most sales people waste too much time  and energy with time wasters. Qualify quickly and get the “NO” prospects out of the way fast so you can work  with the viable prospects. 7 figure thinking is about working smart and getting paid today! 

Example: Mr. Prospect I will be  asking you a few key questions to determine if my product/service meets with your needs. Would you do me a favor and tell me “NO” up front if my product/service is not right for you?

4. If you’re not  having fun while making money then you’re doing something wrong

All of your phones need to have a “Mute” button so your prospects can’t hear you laughing all the time. Sales should be fun, challenging and enjoyable. 

5. Life is too short to make cold calls

Learn how to convert all cold calls into warm Prospects in the first 30 seconds with The Guts Selling Method©

6. Work Smart! 
Focus on eliminating QUICKLY, all the prospects who will not or cannot buy today. Spend your selling time productively with the higher probability clients.   

7. Stop Begging! 
A pro never has to beg! Make the prospects want to give you the order and stop asking repeatedly for the order. That’s right, professionals do not need to repeatedly ask for the order.  Remember that prospects love to buy, but few want to be sold as a result of high pressure salesmanship. LEAD the prospect to come to their own logical conclusion so that they want to  give the order to you.

8. If Sales is a Profession, then you should be treated like a Professional! 
Stop giving free consultations to unqualified prospects. Your time,  knowledge and energy have value, but only if you show others that you respect yourself. Remember  to qualify first & sell later. Ask yourself this, when you go to your Professional who asks most of the questions?  
9. Sales must be organized and systematized!

Ever wonder why they build cars on an assembly line? It’s because it sure beats making them one at a time! It’s faster, higher quality control and much more profitable. We need to use modern business concepts in sales combined with a common sense understanding of human behavior. Learn the 3 simple steps of my Staircase Success System©- Agenda-Qualification-Close.

10. Learn to give GOOD PHONE!
My nickname is “One Call Close Claude”. Why,  because I get to the bottom line quickly and respectfully with my prospects and I usually do it all on the telephone. Learn to use today’s telecommunication revolution (cell phone, e-mail, instant messaging) in ways that make you 10 times or more productive than your competition!

Final thoughts. Sales is the Million Dollar Skill if you take the time to learn it and have an organized GUTS SALES METHOD ©.  I often tell my clients that I could lose it all; everything I have worked for cars, homes, financial security and it wouldn’t matter!

Get me to a telephone and I will have it all back in less than 30 days because I now have a method that allows me to have a blank check in front of me the rest of my life. Isn’t it time you felt the same way?

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Success in all your Sales Endeavors.

Claude  Diamond