Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lease Purchase Bible Speaking tour in Hawaii and San Diego

The imminent release of The New 2009 Lease Purchase Bible © is keeping me pretty busy.
Our premier speaking gig will be in Hawaii on March 6 at the Honolulu Convention Center then off to Maui to catch some waves.

Next stop good ol San Diego for the SDCIA San Diego Creative Investors Association on April 14th.

Be Well Claude

PS Planning a Lease Purchase webinar in early March, all are welcome. 

Monday, February 02, 2009

Lease Purchase deals while eating burgers in San Diego

Wow, I am a kid loose with $50.00 bucks in my pocket hanging around a candy store. Having fun being back in San Diego. I Decided to go to one of my favorite burger joints the new “In and Out Burger” (San Diego California haute Burger Cuisine) restaurant here in EastLake. I love this place for many reasons but basically its clean and they employ the Kiss Method. The make burgers with fresh onions-tomatoes and lettuce and homemade fries fast (california health food-no tofu allowed). This place always has a line inside and out. Yea, I was hungry again when I wrote this. Trouble with running everyday is you are always fanished.

Now on to business; Just finished a Lease Option Purchase deal here in San Diego on a beautiful home with an challenged owner ;-) . The realtors and guru investors drove him crazy. All talk-no money-solutions or ACTION.

I told him we could move his home with a solid buyer in 72 hours ala my GUTS™ Sales and marketing method. This home had awesome TLC and pride of ownership. He was willing to be flexible on the terms so we gave him a fair price on a option offer. MY objective as always is to 

Work Smart

Work Fast

Profit up front

Minimum investment and liability

No adversarial real estate

Act like a consultant instead of (fill in the blank)

I gave him a contract and a check for $100.00 to tie up the home and began my marketing campaign.

We started by calling our existing database and by the 16th call the contract and the home were sold. It was a great deal for either a new homeowner or a starting investor so we used the Arbitrage Lease Purchase Assignment Strategy. We sell the contract and even provide the financing.

Much as I love “In and Out Burger” tonight Lovely CJ and I are going to Ruth Chris Steakhouse tonight . Now should I get a new Lexus for the drive in window at In and Out Burger because this deal just paid for it ?