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Thursday, December 25, 2008

20 K in December with Lease purchase and option


Just a Quick Email about my Lease purchase business
December deals.....
1. lease-option fee - $4000.00
2. lease-option sandwich 1250 + 250/month /24month =
3. lease-option sandwich $1250.00 + 200/month /24 month = $6050.00
4. lease-option sandwich 1250 +100 /month/24 months =
hmmm......thats a 20k month......all due to you!
Thank you :-)
Sincerely, Matt R.

Personal note: Letter on file and references gladly given upon qualified request.

Monday, December 22, 2008

We won an award today

Just found out we were awarded the Best Real Estate Consultants business for 2008 in Chula Vista from the USlBA. Never heard of this organization but I love the recognition. I wonder when they are going to ask me for money ;-). I should stop being so cynical at the holiday.

Best of the season to all my readers.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

NYT rent to own article -very interesting by vivian marino

Great article in todays new york times on renting to own by vivian marino

WHEN sales began almost two years ago at the first Northside Piers tower in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, buyers snapped up more than 20 percent of the 180 luxury condominiums in the first two months. They may have been drawn by the sweeping East River vistas and myriad amenities like valet parking and rooftop cabanas.
Faced with the prospect of empty units and static cash flow, just as sales were starting on an even larger sister tower — Two Northside Piers — the developer, Toll Brothers, decided to take a different approach and expand a program used elsewhere in the country that allows prospective owners to lease with the option to buy, using part of the rent toward the purchase.

Rent-to-own options, which come in many variations, have become increasingly common for developers in areas where home foreclosures are high, like Nevada, California and Florida. In most cases, the accumulated rent is used to lower the purchase price or to reduce closing costs. (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac guidelines generally preclude using rent money toward the down payment, mortgage experts say, because buyers need to prove that they can save on their own and thus qualify for a loan.)

Prospective buyers at Northside Piers tower are essentially able to try out certain one- to three-bedroom apartments. If they like what they see, they can purchase them later on. Or, once the lease is up, they can simply walk away.

“It’s really experimental, but all indications so far are good,” said David Von Spreckelsen, a senior vice president of Toll Brothers City Living, a division of Toll Brothers. Two families have signed up for the rent-to-own program since it began this fall, he said.

In the last several months, as residential sales have softened in the city and throughout the region, other developments (many in parts of Brooklyn that are rife with new construction), have been offering similar deals, as have a smattering of motivated individual sellers. Some are finding help through Web sites devoted to such listings, like iRentToOwn.com — which, according to its founder, John Kobs, has had 4.4 million page views since its inception a year ago.

At the same time, real estate brokers have been revamping their approaches to marketing hard-to-move property to include renting with an option to buy (a k a lease purchase or lease option).

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Lease Purchasing for 2009

Internet speaking gig registration at

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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Lease Purchase Business cards that work

Why are most business cards thrown away ?
Because they are so bloody boring!
Make your cards as distinctive as you are.
click on the link below to see more. I give away 500 or more business card a month and we never hurt for a want of new prospects.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Chutzpah defined by AIG

Lets define the marvelous word "Chutzpah".

OK , You mismanage your company. Then you cry to congress to save your job and company.
Finally you laugh at everyone and go and spend 400K for a fun couple of days at a hotel spa.

Are you

A. Stupid
B. Totally Unfeeling
C. Don't give a sh*t
D. All of the above ?

Sunday, October 05, 2008

An American Vampire Lease Purchase Investor

An American Vampire Lease Purchase Investor
By: Claude (Igor) W. Diamond J.D.

Good Evening my desperate homeowner friends !!
Please allow me to introduce myself. I’m with the American Vampire Investor Institute. I was sent here to see if we could do some rewarding business. (Rewarding for me that is). I understand that your home is for sale and your family is in serious financial trouble. Your house is in imminent foreclosure, your credit is ruined and you were laid off from your job 6 months ago with no chance of ever being called back. Your self esteem is shot and you’re flipping burgers and dishing out
french fries to teenagers on the graveyard shift just to keep food on the table.

To make matters worse your boss is 18 years old, has an earring in each nostril and has a major facial complexion problem. Even worse, he has an attitude that makes Osama Bin Laden look like a Campfire Girl™. References, credentials you want. Well, I will have you know that I am a graduate of the prominent
Get-Rich-Quick Institute in beautiful Chocolate Chipley, Florida. I have ridden on the 200 home bus ride tour and have attended the guerrilla boot camps. (The teacher was an actual Guerrilla). I have over 2000 books and CD’s in my bathroom alone. (Some, I have even studied).

Now here’s where I come in with my specialized training ! I can sense your despair and I am here
to suck out all the life blood that is left in you and your home and leave you nothing for my trouble. I will offer no realistic or positive solutions that will help you. I will take the remaining
equity out of your home for my own avaricious needs. I exist for stealing low and selling high. I am after all an American Vampire Investor.

The above is not so far fetched and was written to illustrate the way most investors are trained to make deals happen. This methodology is sure to fail on a long term basis. I just can’t see anyone doing business in this manner and prospering. For starters, it is just too difficult and it does not promote the likelihood of any kind of deal occurring between the buyer, seller or the investor.
The days of being monolithic or one sided in our thinking are over. We must be versatile in our approach to creating income and wealth in properties. We must be problem solvers if we want to be
in this business for the long run. I avoid adversarial Real Estate; I prefer a WiN-WiN type of Attitude ! Here are a few suggestions:

A. Be a Problem Solver Consultant - The Investor with the most solutions or ideas can make the most deals happen in Creative Real Estate. Example: Well Ms. Seller, we could do it this way or perhaps this way, which would you prefer?

B. Empathy - If the seller has problems concerning his or her property (financial, personal, etc.) show some compassion. It’s OK to negotiate the best deal you can, but it’s something else to kick someone when they are down. Be fair !

C. Never Stop Learning - No one has a monopoly on knowledge. Attend seminars where the
trainer really practices what he preaches. Find a knowledgeable Mentor or someone who has made it. Learn all the time; never stop! Ask reasonable questions or try making multiple offers that
present different choices to the seller and which present profitable opportunities for you.

D. Enthusiasm - Nothing beats a good, positive energetic attitude. Be up front and forthright and
carry yourself with the right attitude. Nothing can replace genuine excitement about doing a great or
(even a not-so-great) deal.

E. Honesty - It’s been said, “You can’t cheat an honest person.” Trust between the parties is the
foundation of this principle. Finally: Lose, better yet, never acquire the Vampire Attitude. Be Proactive and Structure your
offers honestly and with fairness to all parties. Every deal cannot be a winner, but you can sure try.
My offers are not always accepted the first time, but I do leave the door open (usually with some Garlic hanging to ward off Lease Purchase Vampires :-)

Friday, October 03, 2008

Sigmund Freud Owned Real Estate ?

Sigmund Freud Owned Real Estate ?
or Conquering Tenants & Toiletitis

By: Claude W. Diamond J.D.

I needed help really fast !!
I knew that I would never achieve my lifelong goal of financial independence as an investor unless
I faced my greatest fears. I sought out the best doctor in the field to assist in a diagnosis of my
problem. Yes, this was my moment of truth. I knew that I suffered from the heartbreak of
Tenants & Toiletitis.
I entered my doctor’s office and proceeded to lie down on the couch and get comfortable. The old
doctor with the tiny spectacles resting on his brow glances at his notes and begins to ask me
questions concerning my illness.
Doctor: (Mit ein German accent.) So Herr Diamond how long have you been aware of these deep
feelings of hatred and resentment for your Tenants and Toilets ?
(I glance at my toes on the end of the couch and begin my tale.)
Me: Well, Herr Doctor, it all began years ago. I read this book about a guy who turned $1000.00
into $1,000,000, so I started on my quest to get rich quick in real estate. The trouble is that the only
thing that happened quick was my money disappearing!
Doctor: And then what happened?
Me: I began buying foreclosures and fixer-uppers. I rented my favorite condo to Gomez and
Morticia Santanowski (AKA: the Tenants from Hell.) They were a landlord’s worst nightmare.
They would not pay the rent on time and then not at all while simultaneously trashing the place. The
worse part was that the tenant friendly courts would not evict them for six months. This experience
cost me a fortune. Another example was the tenant who decided that cats were such good company
that he would have eight of them minus a litter box! Then who could forget the one tenant who
decided to paint all the walls (even the ceilings) black with the thickest latex available and put up
black lights as a shrine to Jimmy Hendrix! I even tried the paper business, but I couldn’t find
enough deals to buy a Slurpee®. Doctor, at this point in my career I even have attacks every time a
Carlton Sheet’s infomercial comes on the television. Can you help me ?
Doctor: People will go to great lengths to avoid the traditional way we are taught to make money in
real estate because of all the hassles faced with management, the acquisition, financing and so on. In
reality, all of us suffer from an acute form of tenants & toiletitis. The only cure is for you to
discover the Lease Purchase Alternative. Imagine if you could be involved in real estate full time or
part time working from your home office. You could make more money up front than you ever
dreamed about in every transaction without worrying about the bank or qualifying. There are no
maintenance or rent collection hassles. Imagine the possibilities. No more postcards or chasing real
estate agents on the merits of creating mortgages or trust deeds.
The Lease with option to purchase will allow you to control good homes, in good neighborhoods
without the need for capital investment and will generate positive cash flow. Further there is no
adversarial relationships between you and the property owner and the tenant/buyer. It’s Win/Win
for everyone.
I feel quite certain that working with this methodology is the prescription to cure your tenant &
toilet psychosis. So Herr Diamond how do you feel now ?
Me: (Jumping up from the couch.) Great Doc! I am completely cured except for one thing.
Doc: What is that my boy ?
Me: I still have my attacks during the real estate infomercials. I had better get back on the couch.
Doctor: So, Herr Diamond, did your Mother hate tenants & toilets, too ?

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

10 G.U.T.S. ™ Sales Training Rules with unbelievable Chutzpah

It's time to be treated like a professional with the GUTS!

Sales is a skill that is necessary for everyone who wants to attract success in their life. You can have the best product, the most capable service, but without organized sales skills and the ability to make it work, you won't be able to give away 20 dollar bills in Times Square. It really doesn't matter whether you are selling the all inspiring widget or a hamster sitting service, you have to have a method of sales where you work smart, achieve your financial goals and begin feeling great about yourself all the time. Here are a few GUTS selling rules:

1. Learn to give GOOD PHONE! My nickname is "One Call Close Claude". Why, because I get to the bottom line quickly and respectfully with my prospects. I usually do it all on the telephone and I use the Work Smart Concept.

2. Just the facts Ma'am. You have the right to ask your potential client all the necessary questions in order to determine if you have a likely candidate for a sale or you're just going through some time wasting motions.

3. "If you need a friend then get a dog! " President Harry Truman Sales is not about bonding, rapport or pretentious talks about the weather and sports. How about those Bronco's ? Its about making a sale and going to the bank today!

4. Learn how to qualify in the first 3 minutes. I have a 3 minute egg timer next to my phone to challenge myself with every sales call. Most sales people waste too much time and energy with time wasters. Qualify quickly and work with the viable prospects only. GUTS Sales is about working smart and getting paid today!

5. Sales should be fun and challenging! All of your phones need to have a "Mute" button so your prospects can't hear you laughing all the time. Sales should be fun, challenging, predictable and profitable.

6. Life is too short to drink cheap wine and make cold calls. I don't know about you, but cold calls make me very uncomfortable so I change them into profitable Calls.

7. Stop Begging! A pro never has to beg when he can lead the prospect to come to the natural conclusion to buy.

8. But Dr. Freud, I love my Mother! If Sales is a Profession, then you should be treated like a Professional! Ask yourself this, when you go to your Professional, who asks most of the questions? How can you treat the symptoms if you haven't discovered the cause of the problem or discomfort.

9. Sales must be organized like a Henry Ford assembly line! Ever wonder why they build cars on an assembly line? It's because it sure beats making them one at a time! It's faster, higher quality control and much more profitable. We need to use modern business concepts in sales combined with a common sense understanding of human behavior.

10. Get a Sales Training Mentor Sales is the world's highest paid profession if you treat it like one. Find yourself a Mentor who has earned the right to teach you their system. Someone who is
A. Financially successful in their chosen field.
B. Has accomplished this success honestly.
C. Is willing to be accountable to you.

Logic: Why reinvent the wheel when you can borrow someone else's wagon; Good Selling!

970 726 7979 call me I answer my own phone ! Claude

Claude Diamond is know as the mentor. He has authored several books on Lease Option to Purchase real estate, GUTS Sales Training and creating wealth through Success Mentoring. He live in San Diego California, Winter Park, Colorado and Maui Hawaii at different times of the year. Claude believes that "we shouldn't takes vacations but live them". For more information on the above subjects and free Newsletters-e-Books and CD set just go to our web pages below:

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A word About Success

Hi There

My name is Claude Diamond and I yearned for the success, financial freedom and happiness that most of us desire. I followed all the rules of the day; I attended excellent colleges and majored in business. I studied law and received a J.D. (Juris Doctorate). I was employed by Fortune 500 companies. Guess what? I was unmotivated, unhappy and worst of all, I was always broke! I did a good job, but all I got for my efforts were token raises and pats on the back. My life was frustrating since all of my dreams of wealth were just that, daydreams. I was so frustrated with my life that I had to do something drastic, so I took the path that many of us travel on. I spent a fortune (that I didnʼt have) attending real estate, motivational, sales and business opportunity seminars, workshops, boot camps, you name it.

Then I spent even more money buying all types of self-help books and tapes. I literally spent a fortune and I have bookshelves full of pie-in-the-sky motivation! When it was all said and done, I was also in debt! The rules of making it big in America just didnʼt seem to be working for me even though I was
following the conventional thinking. All of the aforementioned stuff didnʼt work! The information wasnʼt bad, itʼs just that short term, quickie, motivational and gimmicky fixes wonʼt get you to the bank!

OK Claude, if motivational seminars, boot camps, workshops and phony coaching programs donʼt work, then what does? Whatʼs the SOLUTION?

There is a common sense, success method that WORKS and itʼs called MENTORING. Itʼs a time honored way to learn, which goes back to the beginning of Greek Mythology, when an experienced and successful teacher would take on a pupil and teach him or her to duplicate his own success. Itʼs an honorable old way of learning which had been forgotten, but has been rediscovered and is new again.

Work only with someone who has made it and who is accountable. Max used to say:
“If you want to become a Millionaire, then hang around with one!”

Now back to my story. I was down right depressed about my non-career at this point and to top it all off, I had trouble sleeping at night because I was always worried about money. Yet, I still wasnʼt ready to give up and accept mediocrity as a way of life. I had the idea that I should try to discover another way to fulfill my destiny, a short cut to success. I decided to find myself a Mentor, a teacher who had already achieved the success I wanted. I would listen, learn, emulate and finally succeed someday. I met my first mentor, Max, in serene Northwest New Jersey and he gave me a million dollar education in real estate and business. My life and fortunes literally changed overnight. Thanks to Max, I was able to start my own business in creative real estate and sales training and simultaneously, achieve success and a millionaire lifestyle beyond my wildest dreams.
Now itʼs your turn to find your success.
I know of no better way to have the Success you want, the Greatness you deserve and the Life you were destined for than by having a One-on-One Accountable Success Mentoring Relationship. Let me teach you all of the smart things I have learned (and the mistakes to avoid) that allow my family to enjoy
a great life. We live in the breathtaking Colorado Rockies and in beautiful, warm and sunny San Diego, California. Mentoring is the smart, time honored way to accelerated learning, growth and to keep the energy and focus on your goals. Itʼs not for everyone. If youʼre hungry, ready to make changes in your life and are teachable, we can accomplish great things.

Success in all your Endeavors

Claude Diamond

(970) 726 7979

Monday, August 18, 2008

The Lease Purchase Option Nation

Note: Michael C. The Naked Investor) asked me render a short opinion on the state of the Lease Purchase Nation so here goes.

I have been using options for 26 years as a full time investor and found it to be a wonderful niche strategy. It has given my family a wonderful and secure financial lifestyle and freedom. Like all strategies a great deal of knowledge, work and Guts Sales© and marketing is necessary. I even went to law school to learn more about this topic in terms of legality and contracts.

Options are basically negotiated contractual rights (not firm obligations like a sales agreement). They are used in all forms of business like stocks-bonds-commodities and yes real estate. They allow you to control great real estate without the usual investment-liability-tenant & terlit hassles. When an option is tied into a lease you have control and possession without ownership. I work with 4 basic entities Buyers-Sellers-Professionals and Investors. I utilize a concept that I developed called "Arbitrage Real Estate"©™. It allows me to Sublet-Sandwich-Assign (wholesale & retail) and consult. I profit upfront, monthly,create notes and continuous passive income, not to mention option consideration and assignment fees.

The IRS and several states and cities has many rulings on real estate. The one that comes to mind is the is the the interpretation between an installment sale and a lease purchase disguised. Generally any L/P less than 5 years is fine and not an evasive tactic to avoid paying taxes. ? Remember it's all about intent. Just comply with the scope and intent of a law and you should avoid legalities. Get good advise from professional investors or mentors who are accountable to you !

Use good contracts-disclose everything you intend to do in writing and problems are avoided. In 26 years of investing I can only recall one situation in which an attorney was needed and we won. Let common sense and a non advesarial attitude prevail.

Final thoughts; If you treat your Lease Purchase operation like a business and not a hobby you will find it to be the most rewarding and profitable of creative real estate strategies. You will alway comply with the law, pay your taxes and live happily ever after.

Oh, and yes get a an accountable one on one Mentor

Success in all your Endeavors
[url="http://The LeasePurchase.com"]Claude Diamond J.D.Author of Lease Purchasing for the 21st Century©The Lease Purchase Bible©[/b][/b][/url]

The Short Sale real estate Myth video

More free Lease Purchase Option information

Just go to www.TheLeasePurchase.com or www.ClaudeDownload.com

Sunday, August 17, 2008

I do not approve .............

WARNING !!!!!!!
Not Approved or Recommended to use my trademarked name in attraction marketing or for that matter anything else.

John Reed- I really do not approve this fellow.
Poor Poor John Reed - I almost feel sorry for this fellow. He is probably one of the most despised fellows on the web; what a negative legacy he will leave. He is the only person I know who could make me feel sorry for Russ Whitney and Rich Dad Poor Dad Author Robert Kiyosaki. His written attacks on these fellows really is overkill and rambling writing.

It seems that his entire purpose for living is to criticize almost everyone in the real estate industry including yours truly.

His pretext is that he is the self anointed consumer protection advocate. A noble aspiration except What John doesn’t seem to understand is that You can’’t be a high and mighty consumer advocate and still remain impartial especially if you are in the same business selling informational products.

The Logic; Don’t buy their stuff but it’s Ok to buy mine !

It’s a very self serving marketing approach and reduces credibility. This is the one reason Consumer Reports© a publication I subscribe to and admire accepts no advertising. You just can’t have it both ways.
John’s Worse Crime-he has no sense of humor. He once posted on his web page that he wanted to know more about me . All he had to do is pick up the phone as my number is everywhere on my publications and web pages.

I figured that I should initiate a conversation so I gave him a friendly call and I even gave him some of my materials to look over. This is probably one of the dumbest things I ever did;What a mistake. He is very intense and questioned me like like I was in interrogation in a Abu Garib.

I can’t recall who said that “it’s always waste of time to argue with an idiot”. John was looking for a new crucifixion fix and I was the Savior of the day.

Maybe he should read my fictitious character creation Johnny T. gReed stories and try to lighten up. I am told they amuse many of my readers except reedy.

Like I said earlier, I feel sorry for the guy.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Free Lease Purchase Books and manual

Hi All,

Want a ton of free Lease Purchase manual, ebooks and newsletters ?

Then just go to http://www.ClaudeDownload.com

Want to learn more about the best way to control real estate without the usual expense and hassels ? Then go to my webpage http://www.TheLeasePurchase.com

Or Give me a call at 800 324 4652

I actually answer my own phone; find out right now


Claude "The Mentor" Diamond
Cell:(970) 726 7979

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Lease Purchase online resources you can't live without !

Lease Purchase Online Resources

These are good days to be a Lease Purchase Investor. There are so many wonderful online resources to check prices (comps), find buyers & sellers, foreclosures, short sales, market a property locally or internationally, create and sell notes. The following are a few of my favorite online resources.

1. www.Craigslist.com: Great place to find homes and Lease Purchase or sell them, too. This is an innovative free online classified ad website that has a tremendous following.

2. www.Ebay.com: Tons of real estate here and a great way to show your home to a large audience. I have several investors who have used this method exclusively and who have saved a fortune in real estate commissions and marketing costs. It’s a good place to locate deals and to find motivated sellers, too.

3. www.Zillow.com: One of the new guys on the block. It offers free competitive prices and satellite pictures to boot. Don’t even ask me how much I have paid other commercial services for the same stuff which I can now get for free from Zillow. Excellent layout and easy to navigate.

4. www.RealestateABC.com: Things are looking good. Here is another resource page with free access to historical purchase prices, estimates of current values, aerial photos and more. Freebie.

5. www.Blogger.com: This amazing site that is owned by Google, actually allows you to have a free web site or better said a Blog (web log). The setup is simple and you don’t need a degree in “geek” to have an operational rent-to-own web page. 

6. www.youtube.com Make a short video of the home you are lease purchasing and listen to the phone ring off the hook. Best of all its free and your video is also listed on Google.
Honorable Mentions

7.www.Google.com and www.Yahoo.com: The old standards in search engine browsers. Both have payperclick sponsored listing so you can set up your own keywords.
www.PropertyShark.com: Free foreclosure listings and comps in major metro markets.
www.GutsSales.com:If you want fast results make sure you are using the 3 step staircase of success. An innovation in sales training where there are no more cold calls.

Contemporary Lease Purchase information including written, video and podcast audio. Here you will find personal, informative, humorous and slightly irreverent real estate information that no other resources will post. Enjoy!

Monday, May 05, 2008

The Who-What-Where and When of Lease Purchase

The Who-What-When-Where-Why & How of Lease Purchasing
By Claude Diamond

It’s a good idea to periodically review the basics of Lease Purchasing.
Who should do a Lease Purchase? Anyone who wants to do smart, profitable and non-adversarial real estate. There are many ways to do a deal, but few allow you to profit up front, limit liability, credit is not always an issue, small if any cash investment and no competition.

What is a Lease Purchase? Simply said, it’s a lease and a right to purchase (rather than an obligation). You have the same control as ownership without the liability. There is no violation of due on sale and there are great profits.

When do you do a Lease Purchase? There are many situations when optioning a property with a lease is so much easier and safer than buying a home or negotiating with alternative strategies. It’s great for the starting or seasoned investor. No more chasing tenants for timely rent payments, no more weekend maintenance. A Lease Purchase allows you to do what you do best as an investor. Your objective is to do deals and not get bogged down with time consuming and unprofitable activities.

Where do you do a Lease Purchase? Anywhere people live. Lease Purchasing works on all types of properties like single family homes, condos, town homes, mobile homes and land. You start out locally and then can develop a county, state, national or international business with very low overhead.

Why should you use Lease Purchasing? It’s smart real estate! You profit up front, without buying the home. You learn to control real estate instead of the other way around and you don’t need a real estate license. Let your competition do the old fashioned hard, complicated, costly and high liability stuff.

How do you do a Lease Purchase? You learn the concepts by studying my written, audio and visual information. CheckIn the case of someone who wishes to excel or make a career change, I recommend One-on- One Mentoring. There is no substitute for having your own success teacher.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Good Guys Win for once

One of my Mentee's contacted me about a real estate course she took about learning how to invest in real estate. The interesting thing was that the instructors also used their influence to encourage the student to buy home from them. The old bus ride scam. It was in a bad location, unmarketable, needed expensive repairs and was overpriced. In my book this is a complete conflict of interest and probably in violation of a realtors code of ethics.

You either teach or sell real estate but both raises red flags to me. I can't tell you how many people I have heard this same story from. Thankfully my student retained an attorney and was able to recover some of her money. Live and learn.

Be Well-Claude

Hi Claude,
I thought you would enjoy hearing this news -- I received a settlement from the realtors who sold me the condo in Westminster. I asked a real-estate lawyer to write a letter, asking for every cent the realtors made off me, including their commission for selling the property to me and the tuition they charged me for their classes.

They were covered by an insurance policy for this kind of thing, so their insurance paid most of it (nearly $5,000) -- and they had to come up with another $2,000 of their own money. Nobody contested the amount.
So, thank you for urging me to do this.
(Name withheld because we are smart cookies)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What is a Lease Purchase ?

What is a Lease Purchase ? By Claude Diamond J.D.

A Lease Purchase goes by many names such as ‘rent to own’ and ‘lease with an option to
purchase’. Definition: A Lease Purchase is a Rental or Lease and a Purchase Agreement
combined (and sometimes split) with the ability or right to purchase or control specific terms
of an agreement while the property is being rented. Lease Purchases are also known as ‘rent
to owns’ or ‘lease option agreements’, and to you they can mean opportunity. One can
actually negotiate all of the terms of a potential sales price, length of rental, rent credit, escrow
instructions, maintenance and just about anything that you can conceive of. In this way, it is
the same as a conventional Real Estate purchase. A Lease Purchase is an investor’s or first
time potential homeowner’s dream come true! It can enable an investor to actually control a
property without owning it.
Let’s look at just a few ways we can utilize Lease Purchasing.
A. Rent the property: The property can be rented to another.
B. Sell the Property: The property can be sold in almost the same way as if you own it.
C. Sandwich Lease: Sublet it to another giving rent credit and an option to purchase.
D. Assign the contract: Take the deal you negotiated and sell or assign the contract to another.
E. Live in it ourselves: Live in the property, enjoy it and defer the closing until another day when it
is a more opportune time to close on the transaction.
The investor who is knowledgeable in Lease Purchasing can have the seller delegate their property
right via an assignment clause. This can enable the investor the ability to purchase the home at some
future date.
A Lease Purchase is absolutely the best way to control real estate.
If utilized properly, Lease Purchasing can eliminate many of the negatives normally attributed to
real estate purchasing and investing.
Lease Purchasing for the 21st Century©
Chapter I-2
Lease Purchase contracts are essentially rental agreements with the choice or right of purchasing the
same property for some pre-negotiated terms. With a Lease Purchase, you can have all the benefits
of home ownership and control without many of the costs, hassles and liability. A Lease Purchase
can make your rent money work for you instead of making your landlord rich.
On the next page we have a chart which will illustrate what it will actually cost you to continue
renting year after year and getting nothing in return except temporary use of a dwelling.
Lease Purchasing for the 21st Century©
Chapter I-3
Monthly Rent 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year 5th Year
$ 500. $ 6,000. $12,000. $18,000. $24,000. $ 30,000.

$ 600. $ 7,200. $14,400. $21,600. $28,800. $ 36,000.
$ 700. $ 8,400. $16,800. $25,200. $33,600. $ 42,000.
$ 800. $ 9,600. $19,200. $28,800. $38,400. $ 48,000.
$ 900. $10,800. $21,600. $32,400. $43,200. $ 54,000.
$1,000. $12,000. $24,000. $36,000. $48,000. $ 60,000.
$1,100. $13,200. $26,400. $39,600. $52,800. $ 66,000.
$1,200. $14,400. $28,800. $43,200. $57,600. $ 72,000.
$1,300. $15,600. $31,200. $46,800. $62,400. $ 78,000.
$1,400. $16,800. $33,600. $50,400. $67,200. $ 84,000.
$1,500. $18,000. $36,000. $54,000. $72,000. $ 90,000.
$1,600. $19,200. $38,400. $57,600. $76,800. $ 96,000.
$1,700. $20,400. $40,800. $61,200. $81,600. $102,000.
$1,800. $21,600. $43,200. $64,800. $86,400. $108,000.
$1,900. $22,800. $45,600. $68,400. $91,200. $114,000.
$2,000. $24,000. $48,000. $72,000. $96,000. $120,000.
Lease Purchasing for the 21st Century©
Chapter I-4
Look for the figure that is closest to your own rent and get out the crying towels. Now don’t
get me wrong, I love renting, but make sure that you are profiting by it. Never rent without a
purchase option and if you currently are renting it is time to make some changes. Be creative,
make your Landlord a Lease Purchase Offer and you’ll both win.
Why do Lease Purchases Work?
Controlling real estate through Lease Purchasing is probably the best keep secret in real estate.
All of the “0” down gurus and their seminars are dying to separate you from your money
with worn out tapes and books! They just have not gotten it ! The typical boring and archaic
way people were (and still are) taught to control properties was to find a property that is in
distress, purchase it with some crazy type of creative finance and put in sweat equity or have
the owner carryback a mortgage. In essence, you were supposed to put 10 or 20% down for
a loan, then spend more money for repairs, then advertise and by some miracle you would get
a tenant, have PCF (positive cash flow) and appreciation would take care of the rest. This is a
fallacy because sooner or later you will run out of money, patience or the economy will take a
downturn. Believe me I know, I was doing just that for years.
What if I showed you the most powerful method ever devised for obtaining profits and control
in real estate? You would not have the responsibility of a mortgage, taxes, insurance,
homeowner fees and best of all no maintenance. WOW !!!!!! Controlling real estate through
Lease Purchasing, whether it’s for your own home or as an investment property, is by far the
superior method of finance. Lease Purchasing helps to remove the traditional adversarial
relationships that exist between buyer and seller and produces greater profits.
Let us examine. In the traditional purchase of a property, a seller must get as much as they can and a buyer tries to pay as little as possible. Then come all the problems of banks, escrows, etc. With a Lease Purchase we can easily avoid these usual headaches. A Lease Purchase buyer, in many cases, can offer to pay full price on the home of their choice if the seller is willing to be flexible with the terms. The seller is happy because they have essentially sold their home, at a future time, and will receive payments to cover their expenses in the meantime. Everyone gets what they want. Best
of all, there is no need at this point to go to a bank and hassle with qualification. In many cases, if the buyer maintains his credibility by scrupulously paying his rent on time the seller will carry back the mortgage or extend the lease option. Now, isn’t this much easier than the typical way people are taught to purchase real estate? (See the Chart below).


1St YR. CASH PAID $10,800.
*principle, interest, taxes, insurance
On a home with a sale price of $125,000.00, a 10% deposit and with a payment of $1000.00 per month (including principle, interest, taxes and insurance) who is getting the most bang for their buck? Obviously, it’s the Lease Purchaser who found a motivated seller and who negotiated a market rent with only two months option consideration and 50% rent credit per month. The traditional renter in a competitive market might only be paying $900.00 per month, but has nothing to show after paying $10,800.00 in rent for the year !!!
The Seller/Landlord with the Lease Purchase has a small positive cash flow if you factor in the
$1800.00 option consideration and the tax benefits. If no realtor is involved that will save another 3-6% in sales commission. The Lease Purchase Buyer, however, has truly reaped the benefit of the bargain. For only $2700.00 (1st month rent + 2 months option consideration) compared with the original buyers $12,500.00 down payment, our Lease Purchase buyer is controlling the home with a greater percentage of equity accumulated in one year, less downpayment and lower monthly payments. The understanding and application of the principles of leverage are utilized to their
greatest potential in Lease Purchasing. Let’s now examine the various viewpoints of the seller,
buyer and investor.

From the Sellers’ Viewpoint:
If you are a seller and the market demand is very low for your property, the best way to get your full asking price would be to Lease Purchase your home. Since you are being flexible on your terms you are entitled to get your full asking price and a higher than average or premium rent for
your property.
1. Money up front
2. Money during
3. Money after the sale
1. When you find a prospective buyer/tenant you normally receive option consideration. This is a non-refundable amount, that in many cases, can be several months rent. We have had properties that yielded thousands of dollars up front. This money goes right into your pocket and this bears repeating Option Consideration is non-refundable (See Contract Chapter) if you state it correctly in your agreement.
2. The seller normally credits a portion of the monthly rent and therefore she is entitled to receive a higher rent for the privilege of granting the Lease Purchase. In most traditional contemporary real estate transactions, unless a great deal of money is used as a downpayment to reduce the mortgage, the payments are usually too high for the property to have PCF (positive cash flow) from its rental.
In a Lease Purchase, since you are allowing the buyer the opportunity to purchase the property at some pre-arranged terms, you are entitled to charge above market rent. Use your own common sense, but if the phone isn’t ringing then you’re probably asking too much.
3. If and when the buyer wishes to utilize her option then you will hopefully receive your capital profits when escrow closes. If the buyer, however, allows the option to expire you also win since you can begin the whole process all over again and either renegotiate the contract or find a new tenant. In either case, you receive more option consideration for the same property. If the property sells, then you use your profits and reinvest it to find another house. The potential for profit for the seller is fantastic since a well negotiated deal will always reap profits at every stage of the Lease Purchase.

Sellers’ Advantages
1. Top sales price (usually no haggling).
2. Large available market of buyers at all times.
3. Better quality tenant.
4. Higher rent than usual for market.
5. Non-refundable option consideration.
6. Maintenance can be delegated.
7. Seller remains on deed.
8. Seller retains tax shelter.
9. No long vacancies.
10. Great cash flow.
11. No realtor commissions to pay ( 3-6% savings).
12. No management headaches.
13. Tax advantages.
14. No closing costs.
15. Safer than conventional rentals.
Lease Purchasing for the 21st Century©

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OK, What does Nouveau Riche have to do with Lease Purchase real estate?

Nouveau Riche literally mean "New Rich" . It means you didn't inherit your wealth but created it.

This New Lease Purchase video with has to deal with creating a few Nouveau Riche mentee's.

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