Wednesday, October 01, 2008

10 G.U.T.S. ™ Sales Training Rules with unbelievable Chutzpah

It's time to be treated like a professional with the GUTS!

Sales is a skill that is necessary for everyone who wants to attract success in their life. You can have the best product, the most capable service, but without organized sales skills and the ability to make it work, you won't be able to give away 20 dollar bills in Times Square. It really doesn't matter whether you are selling the all inspiring widget or a hamster sitting service, you have to have a method of sales where you work smart, achieve your financial goals and begin feeling great about yourself all the time. Here are a few GUTS selling rules:

1. Learn to give GOOD PHONE! My nickname is "One Call Close Claude". Why, because I get to the bottom line quickly and respectfully with my prospects. I usually do it all on the telephone and I use the Work Smart Concept.

2. Just the facts Ma'am. You have the right to ask your potential client all the necessary questions in order to determine if you have a likely candidate for a sale or you're just going through some time wasting motions.

3. "If you need a friend then get a dog! " President Harry Truman Sales is not about bonding, rapport or pretentious talks about the weather and sports. How about those Bronco's ? Its about making a sale and going to the bank today!

4. Learn how to qualify in the first 3 minutes. I have a 3 minute egg timer next to my phone to challenge myself with every sales call. Most sales people waste too much time and energy with time wasters. Qualify quickly and work with the viable prospects only. GUTS Sales is about working smart and getting paid today!

5. Sales should be fun and challenging! All of your phones need to have a "Mute" button so your prospects can't hear you laughing all the time. Sales should be fun, challenging, predictable and profitable.

6. Life is too short to drink cheap wine and make cold calls. I don't know about you, but cold calls make me very uncomfortable so I change them into profitable Calls.

7. Stop Begging! A pro never has to beg when he can lead the prospect to come to the natural conclusion to buy.

8. But Dr. Freud, I love my Mother! If Sales is a Profession, then you should be treated like a Professional! Ask yourself this, when you go to your Professional, who asks most of the questions? How can you treat the symptoms if you haven't discovered the cause of the problem or discomfort.

9. Sales must be organized like a Henry Ford assembly line! Ever wonder why they build cars on an assembly line? It's because it sure beats making them one at a time! It's faster, higher quality control and much more profitable. We need to use modern business concepts in sales combined with a common sense understanding of human behavior.

10. Get a Sales Training Mentor Sales is the world's highest paid profession if you treat it like one. Find yourself a Mentor who has earned the right to teach you their system. Someone who is
A. Financially successful in their chosen field.
B. Has accomplished this success honestly.
C. Is willing to be accountable to you.

Logic: Why reinvent the wheel when you can borrow someone else's wagon; Good Selling!

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Claude Diamond is know as the mentor. He has authored several books on Lease Option to Purchase real estate, GUTS Sales Training and creating wealth through Success Mentoring. He live in San Diego California, Winter Park, Colorado and Maui Hawaii at different times of the year. Claude believes that "we shouldn't takes vacations but live them". For more information on the above subjects and free Newsletters-e-Books and CD set just go to our web pages below:

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