Sunday, August 17, 2008

I do not approve .............

WARNING !!!!!!!
Not Approved or Recommended to use my trademarked name in attraction marketing or for that matter anything else.

John Reed- I really do not approve this fellow.
Poor Poor John Reed - I almost feel sorry for this fellow. He is probably one of the most despised fellows on the web; what a negative legacy he will leave. He is the only person I know who could make me feel sorry for Russ Whitney and Rich Dad Poor Dad Author Robert Kiyosaki. His written attacks on these fellows really is overkill and rambling writing.

It seems that his entire purpose for living is to criticize almost everyone in the real estate industry including yours truly.

His pretext is that he is the self anointed consumer protection advocate. A noble aspiration except What John doesn’t seem to understand is that You can’’t be a high and mighty consumer advocate and still remain impartial especially if you are in the same business selling informational products.

The Logic; Don’t buy their stuff but it’s Ok to buy mine !

It’s a very self serving marketing approach and reduces credibility. This is the one reason Consumer Reports© a publication I subscribe to and admire accepts no advertising. You just can’t have it both ways.
John’s Worse Crime-he has no sense of humor. He once posted on his web page that he wanted to know more about me . All he had to do is pick up the phone as my number is everywhere on my publications and web pages.

I figured that I should initiate a conversation so I gave him a friendly call and I even gave him some of my materials to look over. This is probably one of the dumbest things I ever did;What a mistake. He is very intense and questioned me like like I was in interrogation in a Abu Garib.

I can’t recall who said that “it’s always waste of time to argue with an idiot”. John was looking for a new crucifixion fix and I was the Savior of the day.

Maybe he should read my fictitious character creation Johnny T. gReed stories and try to lighten up. I am told they amuse many of my readers except reedy.

Like I said earlier, I feel sorry for the guy.

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