Monday, September 08, 2008

A word About Success

Hi There

My name is Claude Diamond and I yearned for the success, financial freedom and happiness that most of us desire. I followed all the rules of the day; I attended excellent colleges and majored in business. I studied law and received a J.D. (Juris Doctorate). I was employed by Fortune 500 companies. Guess what? I was unmotivated, unhappy and worst of all, I was always broke! I did a good job, but all I got for my efforts were token raises and pats on the back. My life was frustrating since all of my dreams of wealth were just that, daydreams. I was so frustrated with my life that I had to do something drastic, so I took the path that many of us travel on. I spent a fortune (that I didnʼt have) attending real estate, motivational, sales and business opportunity seminars, workshops, boot camps, you name it.

Then I spent even more money buying all types of self-help books and tapes. I literally spent a fortune and I have bookshelves full of pie-in-the-sky motivation! When it was all said and done, I was also in debt! The rules of making it big in America just didnʼt seem to be working for me even though I was
following the conventional thinking. All of the aforementioned stuff didnʼt work! The information wasnʼt bad, itʼs just that short term, quickie, motivational and gimmicky fixes wonʼt get you to the bank!

OK Claude, if motivational seminars, boot camps, workshops and phony coaching programs donʼt work, then what does? Whatʼs the SOLUTION?

There is a common sense, success method that WORKS and itʼs called MENTORING. Itʼs a time honored way to learn, which goes back to the beginning of Greek Mythology, when an experienced and successful teacher would take on a pupil and teach him or her to duplicate his own success. Itʼs an honorable old way of learning which had been forgotten, but has been rediscovered and is new again.

Work only with someone who has made it and who is accountable. Max used to say:
“If you want to become a Millionaire, then hang around with one!”

Now back to my story. I was down right depressed about my non-career at this point and to top it all off, I had trouble sleeping at night because I was always worried about money. Yet, I still wasnʼt ready to give up and accept mediocrity as a way of life. I had the idea that I should try to discover another way to fulfill my destiny, a short cut to success. I decided to find myself a Mentor, a teacher who had already achieved the success I wanted. I would listen, learn, emulate and finally succeed someday. I met my first mentor, Max, in serene Northwest New Jersey and he gave me a million dollar education in real estate and business. My life and fortunes literally changed overnight. Thanks to Max, I was able to start my own business in creative real estate and sales training and simultaneously, achieve success and a millionaire lifestyle beyond my wildest dreams.
Now itʼs your turn to find your success.
I know of no better way to have the Success you want, the Greatness you deserve and the Life you were destined for than by having a One-on-One Accountable Success Mentoring Relationship. Let me teach you all of the smart things I have learned (and the mistakes to avoid) that allow my family to enjoy
a great life. We live in the breathtaking Colorado Rockies and in beautiful, warm and sunny San Diego, California. Mentoring is the smart, time honored way to accelerated learning, growth and to keep the energy and focus on your goals. Itʼs not for everyone. If youʼre hungry, ready to make changes in your life and are teachable, we can accomplish great things.

Success in all your Endeavors

Claude Diamond

(970) 726 7979

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