Monday, February 02, 2009

Lease Purchase deals while eating burgers in San Diego

Wow, I am a kid loose with $50.00 bucks in my pocket hanging around a candy store. Having fun being back in San Diego. I Decided to go to one of my favorite burger joints the new “In and Out Burger” (San Diego California haute Burger Cuisine) restaurant here in EastLake. I love this place for many reasons but basically its clean and they employ the Kiss Method. The make burgers with fresh onions-tomatoes and lettuce and homemade fries fast (california health food-no tofu allowed). This place always has a line inside and out. Yea, I was hungry again when I wrote this. Trouble with running everyday is you are always fanished.

Now on to business; Just finished a Lease Option Purchase deal here in San Diego on a beautiful home with an challenged owner ;-) . The realtors and guru investors drove him crazy. All talk-no money-solutions or ACTION.

I told him we could move his home with a solid buyer in 72 hours ala my GUTS™ Sales and marketing method. This home had awesome TLC and pride of ownership. He was willing to be flexible on the terms so we gave him a fair price on a option offer. MY objective as always is to 

Work Smart

Work Fast

Profit up front

Minimum investment and liability

No adversarial real estate

Act like a consultant instead of (fill in the blank)

I gave him a contract and a check for $100.00 to tie up the home and began my marketing campaign.

We started by calling our existing database and by the 16th call the contract and the home were sold. It was a great deal for either a new homeowner or a starting investor so we used the Arbitrage Lease Purchase Assignment Strategy. We sell the contract and even provide the financing.

Much as I love “In and Out Burger” tonight Lovely CJ and I are going to Ruth Chris Steakhouse tonight . Now should I get a new Lexus for the drive in window at In and Out Burger because this deal just paid for it ?

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