Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mentor actually answer his phone (film at 11)

Hello My name is Claude Diamond J.D. and I teach Success and wealth building the old fashioned way, One on One only ! Why ? Because it works and I am crazy about accountability instead of the nonsense we see out there.

Just google my name for more information about me or go to

I am the published author of "The Mentor, A Story of Success"© and 6 other business books on my Guts Sales and Success System and Creative Lease Purchase real estate.

My name "Claude Diamond" is Federally and Internationally Trademarked (19981092590) , ask me why when we speak ?

I work one on one with select individuals who want to learn my methods of success. I Have clients all over the world but San Diego is my home. I work with my Mentee's and Licensee's who are tired of the following:

1. Guru's who over promise and under deliver and will not provide references.
2. Business Coaches who teach success but drive Yugo's and drink cheap wine.
3. Seminars and workshops that just try to sell you the next seminar and workshop.
4. No accountability and honesty.
5. Heck they won't even answer their own phone, in fact they hide their contact information.
6. Offer no guarantees in writing.

I will be returning after a long business trip to my home on January 19th. Do some homework on me and if you are hungry and ready to make a difference then lets talk. Here is my cell phone number, I answer my own phone (619) 421 4121. (told you I was crazy:-) Why not try right now.

Oh yes, the free video Success library I promised; just go to:

Make 2009 a year of prosperity-happiness and success with the Right Mentor


Claude Diamond J.D.

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