Saturday, February 10, 2007

Free Lease purchase Audio CD Set

I am in a good mood today having returned from a few warm and relaxing weeks in good ol San Diego California.
All we did was eat at " In and Out Burgers" (a California delicasy), Fish Tacos and do some surfing, golf and other fun stuff. The weather was in the 70 to 80's. The real estate market is so exciting these days. Tons of motivated sellers and plenty of L/P buyers.

This on one of my most popular Audio CD sets called Live in Las Vegas and you can have it by going to my web page

Register with a postal mail address and we will send it out Priority mail today; all at no charge-freebie-gratis.

BTW We will never give out your address to ANYONE ! You have my works on it !

If you want more info just give me a call I answer my own phone (970) 726 7979

Enjoy the CD set

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