Saturday, July 31, 2010

John reed review article I just read -Claude Diamond review

Just read an interesting article on a consumer advocate webpage (click article to connect) It's all about john t. reed that I thought you might find interesting.

Reed does business in a way I object to and would refrain from utilizing. He attacks everyone (competition) including yours truly and then peddles his own wares. He comes across as tacky, obvious and mean spirited.

quote from article:
"John Reed has gone on to investigate family members of his competition including 74-year-old women and visiting the grave of a guru's father. This is all one his web site including how he states that a guru probably deserved the abuse he received as a child that included being burned with an open flame and says such practices were acceptable in the 60s."

In my brief conversation with reed (many years ago) I found him humorless and at the conclusion felt sorry for him. Heck of a way to make a living by attacking others.

This article on his encounter with Russ whitney is a real eye opener. I can't imagine why anyone would go to such trouble.

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caleb said...

Unfortunately, Mr. Reed is the only one out there who actually reviews and rates specific Gurus. It's difficult to judge the value of a Guru by reading his advertisements and hook-line seminars. The best person to tell you the value of a Guru is another disinterested guru.

Mr. Reed's comments about you aren't near as bad as what he has for other gurus. In fact, he said you come across as confident and competent--quite a compliment from him.

Even so, I don't agree with a lot of his opinion--especially when he says REI is extremely difficult and few can do it successfully. I always have to come back and read your blog after reading his to get my inspiration back.

Claude Diamond-Lease Purchase Real Estate said...

Thank you Calab. I always advise the consumer to

a. Speak personally with the Guru of any program prior to signing up with the telemarketer/salesman. In most cases the salesman will tell you that Mr. Guru is too busy. well if they are too busy to speak with you then you should be too busy to pay them.
b. Ask for references, both business and personal. Here is where they give the protect the privacy nonsense line.
c. check with the BBB (better business bureau)
d. accountability and a contract

Remember , Success and failure always leave clues.