Friday, October 08, 2010

IS Super Wifi the future of sales

Found this interesting article in the future of Super Wifi

Wally Wang's Apple Farm
“Video Calling”
by Wally Wang

If you want to make a video call on a Macintosh, you can rely on iChat, which requires a free AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), AOL, MobileMe, or ICQ account. With iChat, you can videoconference among multiple people (provided everyone has a fast enough Internet connection). However, with the introduction of FaceTime on the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch, it's safe to say that FaceTime will work its way to the Macintosh and eventually replace or become part of iChat.

The FCC recently approved the use of "Super Wi-Fi," ( which will take over the old spectrum that television channels used to have. The two main features of Super Wi-Fi are its fast speed and longer range, essentially putting rural areas within reach of Wi-Fi signals rather than limiting Wi-Fi to a single household.

Consider what might happen if entire cities offered Super Wi-Fi networks. Now you could make a FaceTime video call without going through a cellular phone network at all. What will that do to the cellular phone companies? Unless they rapidly convert to Super Wi-Fi to supplement and eventually replace their cellular network, they'll be disappearing as quickly as Blockbuster Video.

If every place has Super Wi-Fi available, that will be the new cellular network and we'll all be able to use FaceTime-like video calling to do everything our current mobile phones can do and more.

Ordinary audio phone calls might be nice when calling in sick and pretending to be ill, but for many people, video calling will be more fun and convenient (especially since you'll have the option of chatting through video or just through audio), and that will spell the end of audio-only calling as quickly as telephones have replaced Morse code and the telegraph.

After decades of promises from the phone company that video calling would soon arrive (, it may already be here courtesy of technology like FaceTime.

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