Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Southwest flight from Hell complaint letter

The flight from Hell-My letter to Southwest Airlines

Hi Southwest, First let me say "I love Southwest" and fly no other airlines  if possible for all business and personal travel. Everything about your operation is about efficiency,value and safety.  It therefore  grieves me to send a complaint (I never do) but I had to this time. 

My recent flight from RDU to DIA on 11/27/2010 flight 1340  had a couple of parents with 3 little ones. They sat in approx rows 4 and 5 on the right hand side facing the front.They took up 6 seats. I am sure the flight attendants will remember this abusive family.

 I am a father of 2 kids and understand how children can get upset and loud on flights but this was the flight from Hell for all concerned. 

This family was noisy before the flight and while getting on the flight. They had or were not willing to control the Constant Screaming of their 3 small children. The 3 hour flight was uncomfortable to say the least. I am not even sure why they were allowed to board ?

 The passengers were all very polite and tolerant (as were the attendants) but I wonder why the flight attendants did not consider the health,safety and well being of the rest of the plane. This was beyond any incident I can personally ever recall. They did ask if there was anything they could do for the parents but the 3 hours of high and unreasonable constant decibels continued. NO FURTHER ACTIONS WERE TAKEN BY THE CREW FOR THE ENTIRE FLIGHT. I would hope that a suggestion would be made to this crew to take a more assertive position and consider what is in the best interest of the passengers or at least a change in Southwest policy for passengers of this nature. Attendants should instruct passengers with annoying and disruptive children to not board the plane until they can control the situation for the best interest of everyone else. BTW: The behavior of this family even continued upon the exit of the plane and within the terminal. I suggest that you inform the crew of this letter; I am positive they will remember this family. Please take this missive as constructive criticism and not a condemnation of your excellent airline.  
 I remain,Claude Diamond J.D.

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